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 Blood PvE Mechanics

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These are the base talents for blood tanking:

The additional 10 points you can play with as you see fit. There's no real wrong way to spend them, but the following talents are the more useful ones:

--3 points in Epidemic for baseline play support
--2 points in Unholy Command (Only if you need to reach tier 2 of the Unholy tree)
--3 points in Morbidity followed by 2 points in Crimson Scourge will substantially increase your threat on AoE groups
--2 points in Crimson Scourge will allow you to debuff AoE packs more easily with Scarlet Fever if no one else is doing so.
--2 points in either/or Scarlet Fever and Abomination's Might if you are assuming the role of providing both the buff and debuff
--3 points in Blood-Caked Blade to increase your single target threat generation.

Threat Simple Priorities
1. Apply diseases via Outbreak (does no upfront damage, so make sure ppl are aware they need to give you a second to gain aggro)
2. If you have to provide the Scarlet Fever debuff, use Blood Boil early and keep the damage reduction debuff active. This *will* lower your threat a bit, but the survivability provided by Scarlet Fever is considerable.
3. Heart Strike is your main go to ability. Very high threat; spend both Blood and Death runes on it.
4. Death Strike only when you have no Blood or Death runes----exception to this is when you are in danger of dying; in such a situation you're going to want to prioritize Death Strike over Heart Strike and use it whenever you can.
5. Death and Decay when you have a group of mobs on you and you don't have to be mobile or when there is a stream of spawning mobs that will be tagged to you as soon as they hit the Death and Decay.
6. Blood Boil takes the place of Heart Strike on AoE packs of more than 4 mobs.
7. Dark Simulacrum should be used whenever a big cast is incoming that is targeting you.
8. Use Rune Strike as often as possible once your runes are depleted (Runic Power req)

Surviability Simple Priorites
1. Icebound Fortitude: Keep as an Emergency Button. Use when you are subjected to a heavy burst of damage.
2. Vampiric Blood: Keep as an Emergency Button. The advantage of having more than one emergency button is that you can use one too soon or not at the appropriate time and still have a back up. If you are in doubt about how much damage you are taking and unsure of the risk of you dying, use this ability--if things get worse, use Icebound Fortitude.
3. Anti-Magic Shell: Use as often as possible.
4. Death Strike: Use as often as possible. Blood Shields don't stack so try to avoid consecutive Death Strikes unless you are taking a lot of damage and the shield will be depleted within the global cooldown of 1.5 seconds (only reinvest Death Runes into Death Strike instead of Heart Strike if you are going through a period of increased damage taking)
5. Rune Tap: Use as often as possible. Does not trigger a global cd and provides a comparable amount of threat to Heart STrike.
6. Bone Shield: Keep as an Emergency Button. Buff yourself with this before the fight; don't use it constantly. Better to reserver it and use it during large spikes of damage in the same way you use Vampiric Blood.
7. Dancing Rune Weapon: Keep as an Emergency Button/Use as often as possible. Since it's very expensive, it may not be wise to save it as an amergency button unless you know when burst damage is incoming and save up Runic Power in order to use it. The other choice is to use it whenever you have too much Runic Power---this shouldn't happen often because you need to pour it into Rune Strike since you have a chance to refresh your runes.


Glyph of Rune Strike
Glyph of Heart Strike
Glyph of Death Strike
Glyph of Death and Decay (AoE only)

Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon
Glyph of Blood Boil (for AoE)
Glyph of Pestilence (for AoE)
Glyph of Rune Tap (for Party Utility)
Glyph of Vampiric Embrace (for Tank Utility)
Glyph of Bone Shield (for Tank Utility)
Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell (for Tank Utility)
Glyph of Deathgrip (for Tank Utility)
Glyph of Blood Boil

Glyph of Resilient Grip
Glyph of Blood Tap
(Personal choice)

Information gotten from http://www.deathknight.nl/index.html
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Blood PvE Mechanics
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